Can we grow the number of IoT devices fast enough?

Thinking about the Internet of Things, and how the vast number of devices proposed to be connected could be manufactured.

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Manufacturing the Internet of Things

Did you ever wonder how the “Things” in IoT are manufactured that will collect, distribute, process and possibly respond through being connected? The workshop Manufacturing the Internet of Things will bring together the manufacturing supply chain to address the topic, and identify the impact of the IoT on the electronics manufacturing supply chain. Is your business affected? Will it grow, remain stable or vanish. Find out by joining us in Nuernberg, Germany on May 5, 2015. The workshop runs in parallel to the SMT fair.

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Enormous growth predicted

From today to 2020 the base of „things“ communicating over the Internet will grow from about 5 billion to 26 billion, more than 500 billion „things“ are expected to be connected until 2030. Thus, it will be important to understand who will manufacture these „things“ that comprise a critical function of the Internet of Things (IoT).

While the focus of the action has been around software, algorithms and applications, it is obvious that creating such a large amount of IoT devices requires hardware that supports the applications. In some cases this hardware may be present already in existing devices, allowing them to send their information to a central hub that receives, stores and analyses the data, and devise appropriate reactions. In other cases, additional hardware needs to be added to the not connected “dumb” devices. This hardware, comprising semiconductors, MEMS devices, printed circuit boards and further components will need to be designed, and it will need to be built by the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

Learn more from the manufacturing supply chain

Until now little has been said about the implications on the supply and value chains. To change this situation, maristechcon will host a workshop on Manufacturing the Internet of Things, highlighting the requirements, opportunities and limitations in the different parts of the supply and value chain. Focus will be on jointly gathering the insights from within the community to determine possible actions required in the not so distant future.

The workshop is a whole day event taking place at the SMT fair in Nueremberg, May 5, 2015. The morning session will be used to share information on the Internet of Things, providing food for thought. In the afternoon the participants will join forces to create scenarios for  the supply chain to better address the IoT relevant opportunities for creating value.

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