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Selected presentations and publications from various technical fields.
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Wer baut das Internet der Dinge?
SMT community.dialog 1/2015

Mit welchen Anforderungen wird die EMS Lieferkette angesichts der Milliarden von zu vernetzenden Geräten konfrontiert.

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Smart Systems Integration: Advancing 3D system integration and miniaturization
2009 MIT Europe Conference, 25/26. March 2009, Vienna, Austria, invited talk.

Presentation on smart systems applications and advanced manufacturing processes for miniaturization and integration.

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Printed Electronics – Schöne Neue Welt!

SMT community.dialog 1/2012

The pros and cons of Printed Electronics as a new manufacturing paradigm.

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Medical Electronics Manufacturing Trends

Article on Trends in Medical Electronic manufacturing; SMT Magazine, May 2012.

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 Trends in der Medizinelektronikfertigung

PLUS, December 2012

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 Smaller, smarter and more reliable implants by integration of electronics

IVAM Workshop at the Compamed fair 2011, organized by Fraunhofer IZM. Invited talk.

Overview of reliablity requirements of medical implants, and manufacturing methods enabling a zero failure environment. 

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Technologie-Roadmapping: Werkzeug im Innovationsmanagement.

ERFA workshop, 12. September 2008, Leoben, invited talk.

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Chip-to-board Interconnects for High Performance Computing

Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8630 863002-2, presented at Photonics West 2013, San Francisco

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