maristechcon is a technology and business consultancy. We provide expert opinion on technology and strategy for technologists and business developers in high tech markets.


maristechcon helps clients gain thought leadership through advice on new developments in technical fields related to the electronics manufacturing supply chain and adjacent topics, optical assembly. We support the transfer of key knowledge from academia into the organization by establishing the right contacts from our vast network, and by creating business processes for efficient new technology introduction.


Companies are different, so are their requirements for the business processes and methods that need to be put in place. Access to technology sourcing is provided for various fields. Innovations as a service allows swift reaction to requirements in the near future. It also allow mapping the road to a more remote future by providing key technical and market insights. Using proven toolsets, maristechcon individually tailors the assessment and implementation process to advance client capabilities, access technology and implement the optimum solution for the organization. maristechcon supports clients after the implementation, takes responsibility, trains staff and hands over the process as soon as the client feels comfortable with the results.

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